Some Great Places For Stuff!

The tip of the distressed iceberg at Brooklyn Restoration

Stretching the definition of "Found"

There are great places to find the various material that I use in the Boston area and beyond.  These are some of my favorites haunts for both inspiration and hopefully a hidden gem.

Restoration Resources:  Architectural salvage and more, great for hardware, hinges, knobs and oddities 

1946 Washington St.  Boston

Sadly this establishment closed in 2018, they have an online presence however.

Vintage Vivant:  Located on the hipster highway in Allston right before you cross the turnpike over the LA overpass, this is my favorite place for weirdness 2 blocks away from where I grew up!  Lots of taxidermy and a great collection of clothing too!

Brimfield Flea Market:  3 times a year, 2 hours from Boston, never disappointed.  It can be pricey but there is so much to see and so many vendors you can walk away from a booth and not look back, you'll see something else you want in 3 minutes.

Bowerbird, Peterborough NH:  A bit out of the way, but never disappoints, they rotate merchandise frequently and its always a nice mix of gifts and vintage trinkets, boxes and more.

16 Depot St. Peterborough

Uncommon Objects, Austin TX:  This place almost made my head explode.  Packed with cool stuff and merchandised meticulously!  It's beautifully curated and my #1 reason to return to Austin someday soon!

SoWa Vintage Market, Boston:  small but interesting mix of vendors selling clothing and oddness every Sunday, adjacent craft market and food trucks make it a solid experience for tourists and locals

Blue Bandana Relics:  roving vendor can be found at flea markets around New England, recently vacated SoWa Vintage Market and has consolidated to Bow Market in Somerville (worth a trip in itself!).  Very finely curated mix of Ralph Lauren shop style props at flea market prices!

My Flaming Heart, Houston TX, On Main Street, I stumbled on this diamond in the blandness filled with everything that makes me happy!  And they were extremely nice too, glad they survived unscathed from hurricanes this summer.

Vintage Wire and Supply:  looking for cloth wire or an interesting light bulb?  This is the place.  They even have a "steampunk" section.

Evolution, NYC: It's a museum, no it's a lab, no it's a gift shop!  Amazing collection of geological and anatomical curiosities: bugs, bones and more!

Loot: Found + Made, Turners Falls,  MA  Another playground for the crafty!  Lots of industrial cast-offs, surplus objects and one of a kind treasures.  Haven't been in a while but hope to get there again soon!

The Brass Knob, Washington DC:  this was my go-to source for architectural salvage back in the 90's and they're still there in Adams Morgan.  If you're looking for a nice door knob, or a bucket full of crappy hinges they'll hook you up!

"Rudy's Brooklyn Restoration" Brooklyn Connecticut

This is the MOTHER SHIP! Rudy Rzeznikiewicz (!) is a classic Yankee farmer who has amassed a huge collection of architectural salvage: doors, mantles, columns, beams, you name it.  They are meticulously measured and arranged in his former chicken coop/barns.  There are messes to explore and Rudy is getting a little slower these days but he's still sharp and an impressive gentleman.

12 Gorman Rd,  Brooklyn, CT 06234